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Sanatorium in Satan


The unique medical-diagnostic complex "ARDEN PALACE" is located on the picturesque  banks of the Zbruch River, surrounded by mineral springs and majestic forests.
Nature gave Ukraine a rare corner, which without exaggeration can be called the pearl of Podolsk region - the resort of Satan. It has another name - Podolsk Switzerland
One of the main positive factors through which the Arden Palace sanatorium is unrivaled among competitors and is unique is that the complex is located on the territory of Podilsky Tovtry National Nature Park.
Excellent infrastructure that meets European standards, up-to-date equipment and high-end design are the key to respectability of the center, which has no analogues in Ukraine.


The Arden Palace sanatorium is an absolute monopolist for the use of practically all mineral waters of the Satanic resort, as all 4 wells of the Zbruchansk Naftus, 2 wells of brine water, the only well of Panacea are owned or long-lived (49 years) at Arden Palace LLC.
The basis for treatment in the sanatorium "Arden Palace" will be mineral water "Zbruchansk", which has no analogues in strength of therapeutic effect, bromine chloride - sodium brines for external and internal use, therapeutic mud (green and blue clay), other mineral waters of Satan resort, sports.
Another equally important area in the sanatorium specialization is the cardiology direction with the widespread use of therapeutic waters, special water procedures, therapeutic physical training, climatotherapy and terenchura.
It is planned to position Arden Palace sanatorium as a sanatorium with high level of service and quality of health care.