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Summer holidays at Arden Palace

Summer, warmth, sun rays that saturate us with joy and health, this is the time for the longest vacation for children who are tired of studying and the stressful situation in our country. Each parent begins to wonder where it will be best to improve and entertain their restless children, and also to distract them from the gadgets that have occupied a significant place in their lives?

We invite you to rest in a quiet, safe, ecologically clean place that stretches among the mountains along the Zbruch River, forests that saturate the air with oxygen -  ARDEN PALACE Medical Resort & SPA

In our suburban complex, you can enjoy incredible nature, breathtaking views, the gentle singing of birds and use the services of SPA pools, medicine and a whole range of entertainment for your children.

Seven days a week we offer for our young and young guests:

  • Morning exercises with a professional trainer who will help stretch the muscles after a long time sitting at the computer or desk while studying, training in the fitness room and playing table tennis, which very well develops reaction and coordination of movements in children;
  • If your child does not know how to swim, individual lessons with a coach during the vacation will help him learn to confidently stay on the water;
  • Free pre-medical examination during which you will find out your child's weight, height, blood pressure, saturation and posture in just a few minutes;
  • Sanatorium and health program for children specially developed by our doctors;
  • Body massages, chocolate wraps (if there are no contraindications), yogurt wraps and even a foam massage in the hammam, which will relax and calm even the youngest guests;
  • Terencourt - health routes through the "Wonders of Wonders" park;
  • Visiting the salt room (on the doctor's recommendation) and using oxygen foam, which will improve the condition and well-being of your children;
  • Healthy balanced food prepared from ecologically clean products. 

And, of course, where can we go without entertainment - Arden Kids Club offers:

  • Visiting the children's room with a large trampoline, a bright tangled maze with slides and a pool with balls, a pool with soft balls, air hockey, table football, various board games and teachers who will entertain your children during their stay in the room;
  • A huge playground in a shaded area in the fresh air with carousels, swings, a hammock, and slides;
  • Riding on fast bicycles, jumping on a street trampoline, and for the smallest guests of our complex, we have provided riding on electric cars that can be controlled not only by children, but also by parents using a remote control;
  • For those who like to play chess, we offer a playground with street chess that develops logical thinking and physical strength due to their size;
  • Evening viewing of cartoons and family films in a wonderful cozy fireplace room;
  • Master classes where your children will learn to create beauty with their own hands, develop fine motor skills and creative abilities;
  • Animation programs with a disco, entertainment, paper parties, games and competitions;
  • Also, every guest under 16 years of age will be able to visit the predator park with funny bears, ravenous wolves, majestic deer, cute tigresses and wild birds, absolutely free, having received a ticket upon check-in.