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Physical therapy


Physical therapy in a medical center

Maximum opportunities for recovery, prevention and recovery with help
a complex of physiotherapeutic procedures that meet the latest medical requirements:
• high-tone electrotherapy,
• galvanization,
• galvanization with vacuum therapy,
• amplipulse therapy,
• amplipulsterotherapy with vacuum therapy
• diadynamotherapy,
• diadynamotherapy with vacuum therapy,
• electrophoresis,
• electrophoresis with vacuum therapy,
• electrical stimulation,
• electrical stimulation with vacuum therapy,
• electric sleep,
• TEKAR therapy,
• laser therapy,
• hydrolaser gum massage,
• magnetic therapy,
• lymphatic drainage (press massage),
• vacuum massage,
• ultrasound therapy,
• UHF therapy,
• darsonvalization,
• light therapy,
• phytotherapy,
• aromatherapy,
• inhalation therapy,
• halotherapy (salt room).

Modern devices of the new generation are installed in the physiotherapy department
physiotherapy equipment SOLEO GALVA VACO, SOLEO SONO, GREEN PRESS 12,
DIMAP V, OPTON Pro - produced by the German company ZIMMER, as well as the UHF device
inductothermy ENRAF NONIUS CURAPLUS 670, high-tone therapy device HiToP 1 touch.
apparatus for TECAR therapy ThermoPro.
By combining different types of physiotherapeutic effects in one
multifunctional device SOLEO GALVA VACO we have the opportunity at the same time
carry out the following types of procedures: electrodiagnostics; electrotherapy; vacuum massage;
combined electrotherapy with vacuum massage.

• SOLEO GALVA – multi-functional device for vacation of galvanizing procedures,
electrophoresis, diadynamotherapy, transcutaneous electronic neurostimulation, interference

• Combined ultrasound therapy with electrotherapy is presented by SOLEO SONO –
innovative ultrasound with patented SonoSwing technology.

• GREEN PRESS 12 – device for medical lymphatic drainage and pneumovibrotherapy.

• Zimmer OPTON Pro laser therapy device - belongs to the medical category
wide-spectrum equipment based on the high efficiency of the generation system
radiation. The intensity of radiation provides the possibility of penetration into
deep tissue layers to achieve a more pronounced therapeutic effect,
the power of the device is adjustable up to 4.0 W.

• ENRAF NONIUS CURAPLUS 670 – UHF inductothermy device for deep heating
tissues and locally limited parts of the body.

• TESLA FORMER FMS – method of functional magnetic stimulation, advanced
an achievement in physiotherapy and rehabilitation based on the influence of a powerful magnetic field
on muscle contraction receptors.

Electroplating and medicinal electrophoresis

Therapeutic effects: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, vasodilator,
muscle relaxant, secretory.
Indications for the appointment of galvanization are: hypertensive disease of the I-II stage,
bronchial asthma, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum,
damage to the peripheral nervous system, diseases of the female genital organs.


Electrosleep - exposure to pulsed currents of low intensity for normalization
the functional state of the central nervous system through the receptor apparatus of the head.
Therapeutic effects: sedative, hypnotic.
Indications: diseases of the central nervous system (neurasthenia, reactive and asthenic states, disorders
night state), diseases of the cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis of the vessels of the head
of the brain in the initial period, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris I-II FC.,
hypertension stage I-II, peptic ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum,
bronchial asthma, neurodermatitis, eczema, enuresis.

Diadynamotherapy and amplipulsterapeya

These are procedures with the influence of impulse currents, which have a pronounced stimulating,
analgesic, trophic effect, improvement of blood circulation, contribute to anti-edematous and
anti-inflammatory action.
Therapeutic effects: myoneurostimulating, analgesic, vasodilator,
trophostimulating, antispasmodic.
Indications: acute and subacute diseases of the peripheral nervous system
(radiculitis, neuritis, radiculoneuritis, sympathalgia, spinal cord injuries), acute
traumatic damage to the musculoskeletal system (muscle damage, bruising,
periarthritis), hypertensive disease of the I-II stage, atherosclerosis of the vessels of the limbs,
diseases of the respiratory system (bronchial asthma), inflammatory diseases of the stomach
intestinal tract (spastic pain in peptic ulcer disease, biliary dyskinesia
tract, gastroesophageal reflux), rheumatoid arthritis, urolithiasis,
prolapse of the uterus of the 1st century) with hypotonus of the anal sphincter.

Electrical stimulation

The method of therapeutic influence with pulsed currents for the purpose of excitation or strengthening
activity of individual organs or systems (restoration of damaged nerves and
muscles, as well as internal organs, the walls of which contain smooth muscles (bronchi, gastric
intestinal tract).
Therapeutic effects: myoneurostimulating, vasodilating,
trophostimulating, catabolic, plastic.
The method is widely used for urinary and fecal incontinence, intestinal paresis,
diseases of internal organs, primary muscle atrophy, which develops as a result
damage to peripheral nerves (poliomyelitis, polyneuritis, plexitis, radiculoneuritis,
traumatic neuritis). As a result of the influence of impulse currents, an improvement is observed
blood circulation, tissue tone, metabolic processes, contractility of affected muscles,
normalization of smooth muscles of internal organs.

CHANCE therapy

Electrical stimulation of nervous tissue through the skin.
It is recommended for the treatment of conditions accompanied by acute and chronic conditions
pain syndromes: postoperative pain, bone fracture pain, chronic
pain, pain in bones, joints, muscles, tendons, neuralgia, phantom pain, arthralgia.

Electrotherapy procedures at the medical center are provided on a Zimmer machine
SOLEO GALVA. When issuing the procedure, ready-made therapeutic protocols are used
treatments developed by specialists from Germany.


This is a procedure with a therapeutic effect of the magnetic field on the body, which has
anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, analgesic, anti-allergic and sedative effect.
Therapeutic effects: vasodilator, trophic, catabolic,
hypocoagulant, anti-inflammatory, enzyme-stimulating.
Indications: consequences of closed brain injuries and ischemic stroke, neurosis,
neuritis, radiculitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, diabetes, peptic ulcer,
glomerulonephritis, vascular pathology, wound processes and trophic ulcers, diseases
skin, gynecological diseases..

Laser therapy

This is a therapeutic application of laser radiation with pronounced anti-inflammatory,
wound-healing, pain-relieving, immunostimulating effect. It has a significant
therapeutic effect in the treatment of injuries, burns, pain of various origins.
Therapeutic effects: anti-inflammatory, reparative-regenerative, analgesic,
metabolic, immunostimulating, hypocoagulable, antibacterial.
Indications: diseases and damage of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral
nervous system. diseases of the circulatory system (subacute stage of myocardial infarction,
vascular diseases of the lower extremities) Diseases of the respiratory organs (chronic
obstructive bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma). Gastrointestinal diseases
intestinal tract (ulcer disease, chronic gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis,
hemorrhoids). Diseases of the genitourinary system (adnexitis, cervical erosion, endometritis,
infertility, prostatitis). Damage and skin diseases (long-healing wounds and
trophic ulcers, burns, bedsores, frostbite). Diseases of the ENT organs. thymus-
dependent immunodeficiency states.

Hydrolaser gum massage

Hydrolaser massage of gums and oral cavity is used for treatment and
prevention of a wide range of periodontal diseases. Combining the action of the two
physiotherapeutic factors - water massage and laser beam makes it possible
to achieve significant therapeutic effects during the treatment of these complex pathologies
Therapeutic effects: anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, hypocoagulable. Indications: at
all forms and stages of dental diseases and widely used in various
stages of complex therapy, rehabilitation with the aim of influencing individual components of the pathological
process for the symptomatic treatment of a number of dental diseases:
periodontitis, pulpitis, gingivitis, periostitis, stomatitis.

UHF therapy

Inductothermic effect is based on application for therapeutic purposes
high-frequency magnetic field, under the influence of which not only regenerative ones are activated
processes, and metabolism, hormonal secretion are stimulated, blood circulation is improved
and lymph circulation, as well as increases the body's resistance to abscesses and inflammatory phenomena.
A distinctive feature of the Curapuls 670 device is the possibility of using a high, which
has a stimulating effect, or medium and low intensity induction effect, which
are used to treat the exacerbation of various diseases, in the treatment of which
the use of thermal effects is contraindicated.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound has several effects on the body at once - it is a physico-chemical, thermal effect
and mechanical - this "micromassage". The vibration of sound waves improves the functional state
in soft tissues not only at the cellular level. Increase in body temperature by 1-2
degrees leads to expansion of blood and lymphatic vessels. This is achieved
normalization of blood circulation. Do not forget about increasing the activity of enzymes - how
a consequence of the physical and chemical effect of ultrasonic waves. Indications: inflammatory and
degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joints and spine with severe pain
syndrome (arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteochondrosis, periarthritis, epicondylitis),
consequences of injuries and damage to the musculoskeletal system (contracture, tendovaginitis);
inflammatory diseases of peripheral nerves (neuritis, neuralgia, radiculitis);
respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pleurisy); diseases of the digestive organs
(ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum, biliary tract dyskinesia);
diseases of the genitourinary system (salpingo-oophoritis, adnexitis, cervical erosion,
prostatitis); diseases of the ENT organs, eyes, oral mucosa, scleroderma,
trophic ulcers.

Vacuum therapy

This is the therapeutic effect of reduced atmospheric pressure on tissues and organs
with the help of a vacuum applicator, which gives an excellent lymph draining, antispasmodic,
anti-inflammatory effect.
Therapeutic effects: lympho-draining, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory
Degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the spine, myalgia, atonic colitis, chronic
bronchitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, cellulitis.

Pneumovibrotherapy/medical lymphatic drainage

The method of applying mechanical vibrations to the body for therapeutic purposes
the patient through contact applied pneumocuffs.
Therapeutic effects: anti-edema effect, anti-cellulite effect, lymph draining effect,
improvement of blood circulation, general cleansing, treatment of excess weight.
Indications: primary and secondary swelling of tissues; chronic venous stasis;
varicose veins in the period after vein surgery, trophic ulcers of the lower legs;
treatment of excess weight; removal of the feeling of heaviness in the legs; prevention of cellulite,
neurocirculatory dystonias of all types, chronic fatigue.


Therapeutic use of short-wave (180-280nm) ultraviolet
irradiation with a tube-quartz device.
Therapeutic effects: bactericidal, immunostimulating, metabolic, coagulative.
Indications: acute and subacute inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx (nasal mucosa,
tonsils), inner ear.


The method of darsonvalization found its application in cosmetology and medicine
due to its effective influence on the human body. Thanks to the procedure, it is manifested
not only a cosmetic effect, but also a health effect, which is much more important. Darsonval treats
the cause, and not only eliminates the consequences. So, the course of darsonvalization is shown to you
presence of: wounds, ulcers, keloid scars; ENT diseases (rhinitis, sinusitis and others);
varicose veins; problems with hair growth, baldness; cellulite;
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, etc.); joint diseases
(arthritis and arthrosis); diseases of the cardiovascular system (angina and hypertension
disease in the initial stages); diseases of the nervous system (headache, consequences
strokes); sleep problems


This procedure consists in obtaining these or other medicines by their method
inhalation. Inhalation well reduces the viscosity of sputum, due to which it improves
expectoration, and airways are cleared. Inhalation therapy has many positive effects: expectorant; broncholytic; antimicrobial; anti-inflammatory
Inhalation is often done even as a prevention of respiratory tract diseases.


Salt room - in it you will feel real relief from diseases
respiratory tract, allergy and skin diseases. It consists in conducting a course
procedures in a specialized room, the conditions of which are close to the known ones
Solotvy natural salt caves. The main therapeutic factor is
highly dispersed salt aerosol with a particle size of 0.4-5 microns, which is optimal
for its penetration into all parts of the respiratory tract.