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Kraxen is a harmonious combination of the oldest traditions and modern technologies. Ideal for those who like soft steam and slow warming of all muscles and joints. It is used for therapeutic purposes, as well as for pleasant pastime, communication with friends and physical rehabilitation.

Kraxen will give a miracle of renewal, soothe, relieve fatigue and nervous excitement, raise the tone and level the emotional background. The aroma of healing herbs, relaxing warmth and pleasant music guarantee you moments of relaxation and complete relaxation. Kraxen has a positive effect on immunity, the nervous system, and activates brain activity. Intense sweating helps to remove excess fluid, waste products and toxins from the body. Moreover, a half-hour stay in Kraxen will allow you to lose a few extra kilograms, get rid of cellulite, allow you to rest from the noise and bustle of the metropolis and recharge with vital energy.

A relaxing temperature (no more than 45-55C) and pleasant humidity (50-60%) are maintained in the kraken. Therefore, visiting this bath will not cause unpleasant sensations in people.

The guest sits in a niche, closes a special sheet made of natural fabrics and the "magic" begins. On the wall behind the seat there is a steam nozzle, thick steam passing through the hay reveals a unique bouquet of smells of summer, sun and spicy herbs every time. The Kraxen tube is turned on and off with the help of LEDs, so the duration of the procedure is individual.

After visiting the bathhouse, your blood circulation will improve and your sleep will normalize. Also, depending on the selection of different herbs, Kraxen can be used to improve performance, treat colds, bronchitis, flu, and skin diseases. Do not discount the fact that the herbal bath gives the soul and body a wonderful rest, moments of relaxation and bliss.