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Church of the Yasnogorsk Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church

Satan's Church — a church in the town, and now the town-type settlement of Sataniv (according to the modern territorial division of the Horodotsky district of Khmelnytskyi region). Originally - the Church of the Holy Trinity. Destroyed during the years of repression, rebuilt in 1990-1994 on the site of the cemetery and consecrated as the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Yasnogorsk


Old temple

At the end of the 16th century, the Kostki family, the owners of Satanov, founded the Holy Trinity Church in the town. In the publication "Parishes and Churches of the Podilsk Eparchy" (Kamianets-Podilskyi, 1901) the year of the foundation of the church is indicated as 1581. It was a wooden building, equipped in 1592 by Katarzyna from the Kostki family. Later, a brick church in the Gothic style was built.

Description of 1850

The description of the church, made in 1850, shows how it looked in the middle of the 19th century. It was a stone structure 32.5 cubits long, 14.5 cubits wide and 19 cubits high (to the ceiling) (a cubit was about half a meter). The church was covered with shingles, and the wooden dome was covered with iron. There was a signature on the dome (with a small bell). The floor of the temple was stone, and the vault had three arcades. The church had two vestibules and five thrones. To the left of the presbytery there was a sacristy and a cell. The church had a choir and an 8-voice organ.

The abbot's house, built of stone, stood near the church. The roof of this house was covered with shingles. The abbot's residence began to be built in 1782 at the expense of Prince Czartoryiskyi, and the construction was completed at the expense of Princess Lubomyrska. A wooden carriage house and a stable, covered with straw, were located near the house. To the east of the abbot's house there was a wing, built in 1780 at the expense of the abbot of the church - priest Vitoshinskyi. The vicar's house was also in the yard, built in 1817 at the expense of the canon of the Kamianets cathedral and the Sataniv parish priest Yan Vybodovskyi. At the end of the yard on the right stood a bell tower.

Column near the church

Near the church, to the east of it, there was a column on which was written, according to Wawzynets Marczynski and the "Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland", the year 1744 (according to the local historian Myroslav Moshak - the year 1555). The column also had the ancient inscription "Culpae non pietatis opus", which in Latin means: "A monument to crime, but not to piety." At the top of the column stood a statue of the Mother of God, and at the bottom on each of the four sides of the column were inscriptions that have faded over time.

According to the legend, a young man from a rich family seduced a girl who was also from a rich family, but then did not want to marry her. The victim complained, as a result of which the perpetrator was sentenced not only to the financial support of the seduced, but also to the construction of a column with the above inscription [3].

The church in the first half of the 20th century

As stated in the publication "Parishes and Churches of the Podilsk Eparchy" (Kamyanets-Podilskyi, 1901), at the beginning of the 20th century, the church had 5,906 parishioners of both sexes in the town and surrounding villages.

In 1902–1930, the rector of the church was Jan Ladygo. On January 2, 1930, he was arrested by employees of the Sataniv border detachment of the DPU. The rector of the church was brought under investigation in the group case of the clergy and faithful of the Roman Catholic Church.

In 1915–1916, Sigismund Klemchinsky was the assistant to the rector of the church, who was later repressed by the Soviet authorities.

The Church of the Holy Trinity was destroyed. A parking lot for motorists was placed in its place.

New temple

In 1990, the construction of a new church - the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church - began at the closed Catholic cemetery. On May 28, 1994, the new church was consecrated (consecrated) by Bishop Jan Olshanskyi. Since 1991, priests from the Pauline order (Monastic Order of the Brothers of St. Paul the First Hermit) have been serving in the Satanivska parish.