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A truly unforgettable sunny vacation at Arden Palace!

A summer vacation at Arden Palace is an ideal opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a vacation in a picturesque place that combines comfort, nature and lots of entertainment. Thanks to unique offers and various activities, you and your children will be able to get the most pleasure and benefit from your vacation.

Healthy balanced diet

On the territory of Arden Palace you can enjoy healthy and balanced food. A three-course meal is offered according to the buffet system, where everyone will find dishes to their taste. There is a separate menu for children in the LOBBY BAR, which takes into account their needs and preferences. Visiting the lobby bar with its main menu, delicious children's meals and exquisite sushi is another opportunity to please your taste buds.

Entrance tickets to the Arden Predator Park

A unique offer for all children under the age of 16 — free entrance tickets to the Arden Predator Park. Here, children will be able to meet bears, wolves, roe deer, foxes, playful tigers and other inhabitants of the park. This is an exciting adventure that will leave an unforgettable impression.

Drinking treatment with mineral water "Zbruchanska"

To support the health of the whole family, Arden Palace offers drinking treatment with Zbruchanska mineral water. This water has healing properties and contributes to the general strengthening of the body.

Health routes in the park "Infinite Journeys"

In the park "Infinite Journeys" you can enjoy the terenkur - health-improving routes for therapeutic walking, morning runs, gymnastics and hiking. This is a great opportunity to combine active recreation with health benefits.

Sanatorium health program for children

For children, Arden Palace has developed a special health and wellness program, which includes physical exercises, swimming in the pool and medical procedures. This helps to strengthen the child's body and improve general well-being.

Ecologically clean SPA and luxurious rituals

Arden Palace offers its guests a wonderful eco-friendly SPA where you can enjoy luxurious body and face rituals. We offer wraps and foam massages for children and teenagers, which promote relaxation and improve the condition of the skin.

Salt room for recovery

The Salt Room at Arden Palace is a place where the whole family can enjoy wellness treatments and relax in a peaceful atmosphere. This is an ideal way to strengthen immunity and improve the respiratory system.

Indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis

For lovers of water procedures, Arden Palace has indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis, aroma grottoes, Turkish hamam, hay bath, Kraksen. All these services are designed for relaxation and recovery, so that every guest can find something for himself.

Active recreation and fitness

At Arden Palace, you can do family yoga, aqua aerobics, and Pilates. For sports fans there is a gym, fitness rooms and a hall with table tennis. This is a great opportunity to maintain physical fitness even during rest.

Entertainment for the whole family

Arden Palace offers lots of fun for the whole family. A spacious hall with billiards, a karaoke room, hookah - this is only part of what awaits you. Arden Kids Club is free until 4pm daily, allowing children to have fun in a safe environment.

Exciting animation programs

For children, Arden Palace organizes exciting animation programs and various master classes. This is a great opportunity to learn something new and make new friends.

Sports bikes and a playground

On the territory of Arden Palace, children will be able to ride sports bicycles, their favorite electric cars, jump on a trampoline and play on an incredible playground with swings, carousels, slides, nets and a big house. This is a real paradise for children!

Evening entertainment

Evenings at Arden Palace are always full of pleasant experiences. Favorite music programs in the Lounge Lobby Bar create an atmosphere of comfort and joy. And family watching movies on the screens of the Fireplace Hall is a great opportunity to spend time together in warm company.

Arden Palace is a place where every member of your family will find something for themselves. Rest here combines comfort, health and entertainment, creating ideal conditions for an unforgettable summer vacation. We invite you to plunge into the world of luxury and harmony together with Arden Palace!