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Satan's mill

Satan's mill — a water mill of the 19th century in the town of Sataniv, now an urban-type settlement in the Horodotsky district of the Khmelnytskyi region. An architectural monument of local importance. It is located on the Zbruch River, not far from the architectural monument - "City Gate".

Information about the mill

As of 2015, the mill is operational, most of its equipment works: it grinds grain into flour, grinds buckwheat, etc.

1987 yearbook "Science and culture. Ukraine" wrote:

"The Zbruch grist mill in the village of Sataniv, Horodotsky District, Khmelnytskyi Region, has been running for almost two centuries. This mill is famous throughout the district, rolls of grain come here from nearby villages, even from the neighboring Ternopil region. But the mill in the village of Sataniv is not only a mill. When necessary, it becomes a small power plant - a backup generator supplies the village and farms of the Druzhba special farm with electricity. The owner of the mill is Bronislav Yosypovych Lisovyk, a miller. His grandfather and father were millers, so his profession is a family one, with ancient traditions."