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Seated Jesus

Monument to the victims of the liberation war of 1648–1654

The history of the oldest monument in Ukraine, dedicated to the liberation war led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky, began in September 1653, when the Cossack army approached the walls of Satanov. And although the Satans were surrounded by powerful walls, there was no assault. The townspeople themselves opened the gates to the Hetman's army. Only the garrison of the Sataniv Castle refused to surrender. All the collateral of the castle, together with the peaceful inhabitants hiding behind its walls, were completely exterminated.

Soon the military fortune turned its back on Bohdan, and the soldiers of the already crowned hetman Martyn Kalinovskyi entered the city. The entire Orthodox population of Satanov was sentenced to death for supporting the rebels. However, calculation prevailed over the desire for revenge. After all, if you destroy everyone, then who will work? Therefore, the tribunal softened the sentence - only every tenth person was executed, regardless of gender and age.

In memory of the rescue of Satanov from the rebels and in memory of the victims of the massacre committed by the Cossacks, Mr. Martyn Kalinovsky ordered the construction of a memorial sign - a sculpture of the grieving Jesus was installed on a four-meter column