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Healing healing mineral waters of the Zbruchanskoye deposit

ARDEN PALACE takes care of its guests, creating maximum comfort and coziness. For you, we have created a convenient and modern pump house, which contains therapeutic waters of the Zbruchanskoye deposit. You have a unique opportunity to improve your health every day, using spring water, regardless of weather conditions and without leaving the complex. During the day, the water in the pumping station is stored in compliance with all standards, which ensures complete preservation of its chemical composition and medicinal properties. The water is regularly renewed, and guests have the opportunity to choose the optimal temperature regime for themselves. Each source has its own mineralization and chemical composition. There are individual recommendations for the use of mineral waters.


Podolsk Switzerland — This is the name given to this magical mountain corner of nature among the people. As scientists note, the amazing sights of Podil's nature are a unique phenomenon not only in Europe, but also in the entire globe. According to folk tales, a hermit monk lived in the vicinity of the town of Sataniv, who treated people with healing water.

The fact that they are formed in Silurian limestones, which contain small amounts of organic substances (at the level of 0.02-0.05%) in the absence of nearby oil and gas deposits, is characteristic of the Zbruchansky deposit and other deposits of Podillia mineral waters of the "Naftusya" type. with which it would be possible to associate the enrichment of water with organic matter, in contrast to such a field as Truskavetske.

The waters of this deposit are also characterized by a constant anionic and cationic composition and degree of mineralization. These are hydrogen carbonate magnesium-sodium waters with a dry residue of 0.8-0.9 g/dm3. The mineralization of Zbruchan mineral water and its salt composition practically do not react to climatic conditions, which indicates the independent regime of the aquifer complex and the formation of mineral waters in relatively deep horizons (up to 100 m), which complicates the connection with atmospheric precipitation. An important factor for Zbruchan mineral water is the stable organic carbon content over time - 20.4-30.0 mg/dm3.

In terms of its reserves, the Zbruchansk deposit is the largest deposit of mineral waters of the "Naftusia" type in Ukraine, and in terms of resource potential, it significantly exceeds the well-known Truskavetske deposit.

It should be noted that, in addition to waters with a high content of organic substances, sodium chloride waters with a mineralization value of 34.4-39.4 g/dm are exposed within the Zbruchan deposit at depths of 500-800 m in the Upper Proterozoic horizon3 and bromine content of 80-118 mg/dm3., which significantly expands the balneological potential of the hydro-mineral base of the deposit.

Indications for internal use of Zbruchansk mineral water

Diseases of the stomach: chronic gastritis with preserved or reduced secretory activity; chronic gastroduodenitis phase of stable remission (uncomplicated, NR — negative).

Liver diseases: chronic viral hepatitis, persistent (A, B, C) in an inactive phase or in a phase of minimal activity; convalescents after acute viral hepatitis no earlier than after 6 months and with normalization of laboratory parameters; toxic (alcoholic) reactive and drug-induced liver damage; fatty infiltration of the liver, pigmented hepatosis, functional hyperbilirubinemia.

Pathology of the biliary system: chronic angiocholits and cholangitis in the remission phase; hypotonic-hypokinetic, hypertonic-hyperkinetic and mixed types of dyspnea of the gallbladder and biliary tract; chronic stoneless cholecystitis remission phase; chronic cholecystolaties (cholesterosis, cholecystosis); gallstone disease without frequent exacerbations and obstruction of the biliary tract, with minimal concretions that do not exceed 0.3-0.5 cm., without attacks of biliary colic; post-cholecystectomy syndromes of various types (uncomplicated) 2-6 months after surgery.

Diseases of the pancreas: chronic pancreatitis in the phase of stable remission with a tendency to decrease exocrine function.

Intestinal disease: irritable bowel syndrome, phase of remission; cholodyskinesia with delayed defecation or loosening of the stool.

Diseases of the urinary system: uncomplicated salt diathesis with the presence of urates, oxalates or phosphates outside of exacerbation; urolithiasis without urinary outflow disorders with the presence of concretions not exceeding 0.6-0.7 cm in size, without hydronephrotic transformation of the kidneys; chronic nonspecific pyelonephritis remission phase without kidney function impairment and secondary arterial hypertension (blood pressure more than 180/120 mmHg); chronic non-specific cystitis, pyelocystitis, prostatitis without exacerbation.

Chronic non-specific pyelonephritis of one kidney without exacerbation: non-migrating stones of kidney cups; small stones of the bowl and ureter, which can come out with urine independently, without the danger of frequent exacerbation of pyelonephritis; coral stones that do not occlude the lumen of the ureter when surgical removal is impossible and do not cause profuse hematuria and hydronephrosis. The condition after uncomplicated remote shock wave lithotripsy after 1-2 months (without exacerbation of pyelonephritis, kidney necrosis, subcapsular or perirenal hematoma, without massive erythrocyturia and renal failure). Condition after instrumental or surgical removal of kidney stones (without complications).

Diseases of metabolism and endocrine glands: alimentary obesity of the I-II century; type 2 diabetes of mild and moderate severity, phase of compensation or subcompensation; gout (uncomplicated course of mild and moderate severity; metabolic syndrome.

Mineral water ZBRUCHANSKA #1

The unique therapeutic factor of "ARDEN PALACE" is hydrogen carbonate magnesium-sodium mineral water - Zbruchanskoye deposit. Mineral water Zbruchanska No. 1 is slightly mineralized 0.9 g/dm3 bicarbonate calcium-magnesium-sodium water with organic substances (13.8-36.0 mg/dm3).

Opened in 1966 in the area of the village. According to the conclusion of the Odesa Research Institute of Spa and Physiotherapy, the Sataniv large mineral water deposit of Zbruchansk is similar to the well-known Truskavet Naftusa, and according to some indicators, it even has advantages in terms of therapeutic action. ("Mineral waters of Ukraine". Edited by E.O. Kolesnyk, K.D. Babov, K.: Kupriyanova, 2005, p. 17)

It is used in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract, hepatitis, dyskinesia of the biliary tract, cholecystitis, angiocholitis of various etiologies without a tendency to frequent diseases, post-cholecystectomy syndrome, chronic kidney diseases.

Mineral water ZBRUCHANSKA #2 "BRINE"

In 1977-1978 and 1981-1985, sodium chloride brines with a mineralization of 30-38 g/dm³ and a bromine content of 70-115 mg/dm³ were explored near the Zbruchanskoye deposit.

From a balneological point of view, bromine-chloride-calcium-sodium weak brines are recommended for reception in a diluted state before mineralization: 3.5 g/l, 7 g/l, 12 g/l, 14.5 g/dm3.

Zbruchanska No. 2 "ROPA" is taken for diseases:

  • gastrointestinal tract,
  • hepatobiliary system,
  • vegetative-vascular system,
  • peripheral and central nervous systems,
  • musculoskeletal system,
  • female and male reproductive system,
  • skin

Water has a specific effect on the body, so the method of taking it is different and depends on the disease. In each case, a doctor's consultation is required.

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