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A shower of impressions

"Alley of Impressions" is a complex of "Souls of Impressions", which are installed along the corridor. The technology of the procedure itself is to enter this corridor from one side and exit from the other. Shower alley allows you to achieve a strong emotional impression.

"Shower of impressions" is a water installation that allows you to feel yourself in different weather conditions - hot tropics or on the sea coast, in the elements of an ocean storm or the epicenter of a thunderstorm. The shower affects all the senses, due to which the fullness of sensations is achieved.

Structurally, it is a complex hydraulic installation with a set of different programs that depend on the configuration. The equipment regulates water pressure and temperature, flavoring and lighting, sound effects. The installation has various types of hydromassage, as well as water effects: rain, downpour, English fog. All programs are accompanied by sound and light effects, as well as aromas that contribute to relaxation, a surge of strength and feelings. The number of smells depends on the number of programs.

Different types of water jets from a light cold fog to a torrential tropical rain, supplemented with sound and light effects and aromas, will give you unforgettable sensations.