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Spa facial care

Spa facial care

Spa facial care is a luxurious and relaxing facial skin care process that includes a variety of procedures and techniques to improve the appearance, health and condition of the skin. Such care helps to soften, moisturize, soothe the skin, and also provides an antioxidant and rejuvenating effect.

We have collected the best, most advanced technologies for spa facial care. Including:


Japanese high-tech professional cosmetics from Forlle'd are leading products for restoring the functions and structure of the skin at the cellular level, and controlling the mechanisms of both chronological and photoaging.

The unique combination of low-molecular active substances with ionized minerals gives Forlle'd cosmetics a special ability to deliver vital ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin without injections, atraumatically and safely. The rapid technology of penetration of substances into the skin, their high level of bioavailability allow preserving the special properties of the components.


"Is Clinical is an American company that manufactures the highest-class cleaning cosmeceuticals with proven clinical and practical results. The products of the California laboratory are widely recognized by experts in the field of skin problems.

iS CLINICAL® therapeutic cosmetics are offered to their clients by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical centers, all over the world.

One of the TOP procedures among Hollywood stars, known all over the world - "Fire and Ice".

You will get radiant, smooth, clean skin already after the procedure.