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Beer bath

Beer baths are one of the most popular types of spas since the Middle Ages. This is a very old and unique type of therapy that uses only natural materials in the form of hops and other natural substances used in the production of beer. Barley is not used in the beer bath, so there is no reason to be afraid of allergic reactions.

An ideal cozy place where you can forget about fatigue and stress. Visiting a beer bath will prevent colds and cardiovascular diseases.

In the beer bath, guests are offered an application of brewer's yeast, extract of malt and hops, followed by steaming and drying, and then washing off this application, which gives an amazing therapeutic effect.

The bath is heated to ~ 37 ° C, the high temperature promotes active blood circulation, warms the skin and opens the pores. The steamed skin gratefully absorbs the beneficial elements of brewer's yeast, aromatic hops, and crushed herbs.

Yeast are unicellular microorganisms, fungi. They tend to eat sugar - it is their main food. The surface of our skin contains sugar, and if brewer's yeast is applied to the body, it will begin to "eat" all the sugar from the pores, cleaning it. In addition, they nourish the skin with a full complex of B vitamins, without which no cosmetic product can do, have cleansing properties and remove dead skin particles. Contribute to elasticity, hydration and regeneration of the upper layers of the skin. The procedure is suitable for people with almost any skin defects and is an excellent preventive measure even for such severe skin diseases as eczema.

A beer bath relaxes muscles, promotes the elimination of toxins, has a positive effect on the blood circulation system, warms the joints, has a health-improving effect on the skin and hair, normalizes sleep, as it has a calming effect.

Relieving physical and mental tension will allow a relaxed body to get rid of stress and nervousness.