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Hydropathy- a method of using the healing properties of water, which has been used by mankind since ancient times to keep the body in excellent shape. Modern resort science presents a variety of methods and techniques that are used for curative, preventive and medical rehabilitation purposes. The main active factors of hydrotherapy are temperature, mechanical, physico-chemical and psychotherapeutic effects on a person. Hydrotherapy is represented by hydrotherapy using fresh water in its pure form or with the addition of various substances (essential oils, dry algae, salts, imported therapeutic mud, medicinal preparations) and balneotherapy using natural mineral waters.

BALNE THERAPY (lat. Balneum bath, bathing + Greek. Therapeia treatment) - use of natural and artificially produced mineral waters for the prevention and treatment of various diseases and for the purpose of medical rehabilitation. Includes the external use of mineral waters, mainly in the form of baths, and the use of mineral water for intra-abdominal procedures (gastric, intestinal, vaginal and other irrigations and washings) and drinking treatment with mineral water. The most popular types of baths in balneotherapy are: gas (carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen), mineral salt (sodium chloride, iodine bromine), turpentine, aromatic, radioactive (radon) baths.

Hydrotherapy causes the following therapeutic effects:

  • tonic,
  • vasoactive,
  • trophic,
  • immunostimulating (cold showers),
  • sedative,
  • antispasmodic (warm souls)

A person's activity, cheerfulness, physical lightness increases, painful sensations pass, weight decreases.

Shower Sharko - it helps relieve back muscle tension, effectively helps in the treatment of diseases of internal organs, all nervous and psychogenic diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome. It perfectly removes depression, a state of desolation, hopelessness, and raises vitality. Sharko shower is extremely effective in the prevention and correction of cellulite, weight and figure.

Circular shower  - prescribed for hypertension, functional disorders of the central nervous system, neuroses, overstrain and mental fatigue. The circular shower has a toning effect and increases emotional activity.

Rising shower - the ascending shower is prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids, constipation; used for inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, nocturnal urinary incontinence, functional impotence, prostatitis. The shower strengthens the muscles of the perineum, improves blood circulation, and strengthens intestinal peristalsis in chronic colitis.

Hydromassage bath for the lower limbs and pelvic organs is a massage performed underwater with water jets and eddies, it improves blood circulation and metabolism in the limbs and pelvic organs, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, metabolic processes in tissues, and causes maximum relaxation.

Contrast baths for the lower limbs according to Kneipp with alternating cold and hot water have a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the limbs, reduce unpleasant sensations of cold, tingling, burning or numbness, restoring sensitivity and trophism, have an excellent hardening and immunostimulating effect.

Whirlpool bath excellently helps with angiopathy (especially diabetic) of the lower limbs, with diseases of the pelvic organs, reduces pain syndrome in the ankle, knee and hip joints, relieves fatigue, varicose veins of the lower limbs, especially effective in combination with chestnut extract.

Underwater shower massage - excellently improves blood and lymph circulation in tissues, promotes metabolism. It is prescribed for muscle tension, metabolic diseases, cellulite, diseases and traumatic injuries of joints, muscles, tendons, peripheral nervous system, sleep disorders, to relieve stress. The procedure provides excellent well-being and a sense of relaxation.

Mineral bath  - acts, primarily, on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, helps to train the body. The presence of salts in mineral water determines its therapeutic effect. Salts, settling in a thin layer on the surface of the body, already during the procedure and after it (therefore, after a mineral bath, it is not recommended to take any other water procedure for one hour), cause irritation of skin receptors. Penetrating through intact skin, ions enter tissues and blood, directly affecting the function of organs and systems.

Turpentine baths - the procedure is well tolerated by patients and is prescribed for such diseases as hypertension 1-2 degree, varicose veins, angina pectoris, laryngitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, arthritis, spinal hernia, diabetes, neurodermatitis, scleroderma, paresis , paralysis, erectile dysfunction, infertility.

Aromavanna - sedative, vasodilator, tonic and pain reliever, achieved by hot inhalation with simultaneous injection of oils through the skin. In our medical center, perozone-balneo-aromatherapy drugs are used for the release of aroma baths, which are produced by the company Spitzner (Germany) and fully comply with global GMP quality standards.

Aromavanna with pinimenthol – pronounced expectorant, secretolytic, antiseptic, local anesthetic, myo-relaxant, analgesic. Indications: supportive therapy and prevention of colds (chronic acute respiratory syndrome, influenza, infectious and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis))

Aromavanna with valerian –  mild sedative effect. Indications: sleep disorders, stress, nervous overload, restlessness.

Aromavanna with rosemary – stimulation of peripheral blood circulation, increase in tone of the central nervous system, improvement of memory. Indications: supportive therapy and prevention in case of nervous exhaustion, weakness, disorders of skin and venous blood circulation, hypotension.

Aromavanna with Perozon antirheumatic – anti-inflammatory, analgesic, stimulating peripheral blood circulation. Indications: maintenance and antirelapse therapy for the following diseases: rheumatic in remission, lumbago, sciatica, sciatica, neuralgia, "joint syndrome", pain in joints, ligaments, muscles.

Aromavanna with Perozon dermatological – local anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, regenerating. Indications: supportive therapy and prevention of dermatoses with dry, itchy skin - psoriasis, ichthyosis, senile itch, as well as eczema, contact dermatitis.

Aromavanna with chestnut extract –  anti-exudative, venotonic action, reduces the permeability of capillary walls, reduces swelling, reduces the feeling of heaviness, fatigue, tension, itching and pain in the lower extremities. Indications: Chronic venous insufficiency of varicose and post-thrombotic genesis, their complications, edema, cramps in the calf muscles, pain and heaviness in the legs, varicose veins.
Carbonated bath is a procedure in which "boiling" bubbles of carbon dioxide and warm water with a temperature of 32-360C, mechanically stimulating skin receptors, dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation, normalize nervous activity and metabolism, stimulate the function of endocrine glands, especially sex glands, and also have a cardiotonic effect influence.

Pearl bath - tonic, antispastic, regenerative, trophic, hyposensitizing.

Galvanized - improvement of blood and lymph flow, anti-inflammatory (draining-dehydrating), analgesic, sedative (on the anode), vasodilator, muscle relaxant, secretory (on the cathode), catabolic, trophostimulating, tonic effects.