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Medical centre

A powerful medical center in which you can undergo a full medical diagnosis, consultation of doctors of various specialties, combined treatment and rehabilitation of many patients, as well as rejuvenation and body cleansing procedures.

The latest technologies are used in the "ARDEN PALACE" Medical Center to achieve the set goals. In addition to treatment and rehabilitation, each guest is guaranteed a full and comfortable rest in the hotel rooms of "ARDEN PALACE".

Recovery and rehabilitation of patients will take place in the surroundings of the "Podilskyi Tovtry" nature reserve, one of the three largest centers of endemism in Eastern Europe (the other two are the Crimean Peninsula and the Carpathians). The largest number of endemics and relicts is concentrated here (endemics are species of plants or animals found in a limited area, relicts are species of plants and animals that have remained unchanged for hundreds of millions of years).

At the "ARDEN PALACE" Medical Center you will receive:

  • Interactive medical monitoring, which will monitor the effectiveness of the application of methods and ensure the result of individual health programs
  • Improved external and internal condition of the body
  • A full range of medical, diagnostic and rehabilitation procedures

A full range of treatment and rehabilitation procedures in the main areas of treatment:

  • urology
  • gastroenterology
  • cardiology
  • neurology
  • gynecology
  • endocrinology
  • orthopedics and traumatology

Areas of work of the medical center:

  • Physiotherapy department
  • Balneological department
  • Center for treatment and rehabilitation of spine and foot problems
  • Laboratory and diagnostic department
  • Department of mud treatment
  • Department of headache diagnosis
  • Salt rooms
  • Terencourt - walking health routes
  • Drinking treatment with "Zbruchanska" and "ROPA" mineral waters
  • Complex sanatorium and wellness treatment programs

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