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Are you looking for not only an original, but also a valuable gift for your parents - we have prepared a program for recovery, restoration and bio-renovation.

The program is aimed at eliminating emotional lability, increasing work capacity, improving the quality of life, improving sleep, and the adaptation capabilities of the body.


During the course:

Your parents will be surrounded by maximum care and constant supervision of the sanatorium's specialists. Also, health programs are designed in such a way that there is enough time for rest and walks in the forest and near the lake. And the wide infrastructure of the complex and service will be able to satisfy any guest and his interests!

The program is designed for 7, 10, 14 days and includes:

  • Accompaniment of the attending physician
  • Pearl bath + Valerian aromatherapy
  • Dry carbon dioxide bath
  • External application of mud (mud treatment)
  • Physical therapy according to indications (one type)
  • Supervenous laser therapy
  • Oxygen therapy (breathing air enriched with oxygen)
  • Massage of the cervical collar zone
  • Climate therapy, walks on the territory of the sanatorium, air baths
  • Phytotherapy (according to indications): "soothing", "gastric", "vitamin", "renal", "biliary", "cardiovascular", "chest", "relaxing".

After completing the program, your parents will return home with renewed physical strength, improved health, emotionally relieved and, most importantly, happy!


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