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Aroma grotto

The best solution for people who like the sauna, but cannot stand the high temperature well, is to visit the aroma grotto. The aroma grotto is a type of steam bath with a temperature of 40-45°C and high air humidity. Because of this, it is ideal for people of all ages, and is useful for both women and men. The peculiarity of this bathhouse is the use of natural aromatic oils that saturate the steam and have a complex effect on the body, making it healthier. Aromatherapy will improve the condition of the nervous system and provide relaxation of the whole body. Modern aromatherapy is an integral part of modern medicine.

Various aroma oils are used in the aroma grotto. This makes it possible to combine the healing effect of the sauna and aromatherapy at the same time, thanks to which the therapeutic effect is enhanced, namely:

  • has a therapeutic and preventive effect on the respiratory system;
  • cleans and restores the condition of the skin;
  • removes toxins and waste products from the body;
  • stimulates metabolism and energizes;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • improves the condition of the nervous system: relieves stress, insomnia, helps restore concentration.

Visiting the Aroma Grotto will help you relieve stress, fatigue, feel complete relaxation, and provide comprehensive prevention for the entire body.