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Contrast shower

Contrast water treatments are an ancient method of obtaining heroic health. The alternation of temperatures activates the body's internal defenses, strengthening it.

Having passed the most difficult part, getting used to sharp temperature changes, you will begin to get great pleasure from the contrast shower and feel fresher and more energetic every day.

A contrast shower improves blood circulation and is a means with a pronounced cosmetic effect. Elastic, healthy skin is the result not only of improved capillary blood circulation, but also of general cleansing of the body, as the contrast shower activates the removal of toxins from the body and increases its tone.

Contrast shower - training for the whole body. It's hard to get used to, it's scary to try, but the result is worth it. Probably, everyone knows that a contrast shower improves blood circulation, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, activates metabolic processes in our body, and strengthens immunity in general.

In addition, a contrast shower will help you:

  • overcome weather dependence;
  • protect against magnetic storms;
  • if you have lost a lot of weight - tighten the skin;
  • to warm up in cold weather and harden the body;
  • in the fight against stretch marks and varicose veins.