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Bucket waterfall

A waterfall bucket is a simple water procedure that is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience. The bucket itself is made of fragrant and healing woods. The waterfall bucket is placed close to the steam room, since the main purpose of the procedure is a volley discharge of a large volume of cold water, which will perfectly refresh and invigorate after a good steaming.

The gamut of feelings that a person feels at the moment when cold water suddenly covers his entire body, worn out in the bath, is difficult to convey in words. And it is also impossible to describe in words the feelings of lightness that appear after pouring. The procedure takes no more than 5 seconds, and the impression is vivid and long-lasting.

A waterfall bucket has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and gives a unique feeling of vigor and freshness, will charge you with a good mood, will help harden the body and increase immunity. The explanation for this effect is simple: when a person's skin is sharply cooled, the body's thermoregulation mechanisms are activated and metabolic processes are accelerated. After that, there is an outflow of blood from the skin to the internal organs. The next phase of the body's reaction to a decrease in temperature is the acceleration of blood flow in the skin. She begins to blush again, a pleasant feeling of warmth and cheerfulness appears. It is not for nothing that they say: everything ingenious is simple! Just imagine: they took a good steam, went to the bucket, pulled the rope, enjoyed the icy waterfall, wrapped themselves in a soft towel and drank fragrant tea made from healing herbs.

This procedure:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • eliminates "orange peel";
  • improves the condition of the skin of the body, as it activates the production of collagen and elastin fibers;
  • prevents excessive hair loss;
  • increases the working capacity and endurance of the body;
  • awakens the body's protective functions;
  • activates blood circulation;
  • relieves nervous and physical tension;
  • tones;
  • relaxes and soothes;
  • improves mood.

A waterfall bucket is a waterfall of drops of precious health and eternal youth.