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Ice bath

The trend of modern society is a healthy lifestyle. This is facilitated by the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ice bath - perfectly hardens and strengthens immunity. Hardening the body has long been considered a recipe for preserving youth. A change in temperature leads to a beneficial change in the functional state of the body's organs and systems, and an increase in metabolism. And the most important thing is that an ice bath is invigorating. Such a contrasting procedure allowed our ancestors to always be in good shape, to give a powerful fight against many diseases. According to scientists and doctors, contrast procedures have a good effect on the work of the entire body, contribute to the hardening and strengthening of the immune system.

Bathing in an ice bath helps to overcome depression, it is especially recommended for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is useful for the prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome, increased fatigue and sleep disorders. The short-term effect of low temperatures is perceived by the body as a positive stress: it leads to increased blood supply to internal organs, inflammation, pain, swelling, and spasm are relieved. The water temperature is from +4°C to +5°C.

The equipment for the ice bath allows you to create the necessary conditions for proper cooling. LED colored lighting is installed inside the ice font, which provides iridescent patterns on the water. Illumination colors and alternating cycles, as well as all other parameters of the operation of the ice bath, can be set on the control panel.

If you are ready to relieve physical stress and recharge with positivity, then the ice bath is just for you.