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Ice grotto

Cold hardening is a very old tradition.

This is one of the most popular and attractive procedures. You won't be able to pass by the corner where the bright light illuminates every icicle.

Contrast rubbing with pieces of ice after the sauna at certain intervals improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. The ice is rubbed on the body, the skin begins to tingle, thus the procedure improves the protective processes in the human body. These "ice" wipes are done several times. The benefits of this procedure include outflow of lymphatic fluid, elimination of hyperpigmentation, help to develop protection against viruses, reduction of fatigue and, as a result, a good mood. During the procedure, the capillaries and blood vessels narrow, detoxification of the liver and kidneys is activated.

Such a contrast of temperatures will restore your tone and give you freshness to continue the struggle with everyday life.