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The Japanese bathhouse is the unification of all elements into one whole. In a Japanese font, all four elements seem to be combined: fire (heat), water, air (steam) and earth (wood). A Japanese legend says that the "absolute warrior" can become the one who unites them into one. This is an ancient statement and found its embodiment in the Japanese font.

A Japanese bath is a large container with water that is heated to 40-42 degrees. During the entire stay in a Japanese bath, a person can get rid of half a liter to a whole liter of liquid through sweating, along with a large amount of salts and other unnecessary and harmful substances. Blood supply increases and the cardiovascular system and kidneys are strengthened.

Thanks to the contrast of water temperatures in the baths, slags and toxins are removed, blood circulation improves, and the body is saturated with oxygen.

It is very important to observe the correct technology of the ritual, because the water in the font has a sufficiently large temperature difference, high up to 42-45 degrees and low temperatures -10-12 degrees.

The bath relieves pain in rheumatism and normalizes metabolism. Regular visits to Japanese baths greatly reduce the risk of colds. Thanks to a fairly high temperature, impurities and toxins are removed from the body through the pores, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. Athletes use baths to relax, rest and restore strength. Japanese bathing allows you to lose excess weight. It also rejuvenates the skin well and has a bactericidal effect.