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Wood-burning bath

Wood-burning bath is a traditional wooden log cabin with a dressing room and a steam room. This is a humid bath, because the air in it is mixed with steam, and the heat is more moderate (70-80 degrees) due to this evaporation, the release of sweat occurs more slowly. Therefore, even trained people should spend no more than 15 minutes in the steam room. It is here that luxurious bath rituals are held. Steaming with a broom accompanied by a steammaster.

A visit to the bathhouse is perfectly reflected in the appearance. This procedure cleanses the skin of disease-causing bacteria and promotes effective renewal of the epidermis. Renewed skin contains up to 70% of moisture, while keratinized, dead particles contain only 10%. It is not for nothing that after a bath the skin is delicate and soft, like a baby's. But you should visit the steam room not just for the sake of the cosmetic effect alone. The main purpose of the bath is to remove waste and toxins from the body.

  • heals and rejuvenates;
  • improves the functional state of body organs and systems;
  • enhances metabolism;
  • develops protective and compensatory mechanisms;
  • restores the nervous system;
  • gives strength and vigor;
  • increases mental abilities;
  • facilitates kidney work, improves water-salt balance.